Charter Cargo flights :

Golden Wings Aviation can take your CARGO to any destination in the South Sudan (Wau, Palouch, Malakal, Yaida, Awiel, Maban, Thargas… etc),

we provide a big CARGO air crafts (IL -76TD weight payload # 45 Tons, AN – 12 weight payload 18 Tons, and AN – 32 with payload 7 Tons …etc).


in the cargo charter MARKET, Golden Wings Aviaion delivers reliable and cost-effective air cargo charter services for:

Heavy and outsize pieces

Oil  equipment

Automotive CARGO

High value commodities

Peacekeeping support

Humanitarian relief CARGO

We analyse route, payload and timescale in order to propose the most suitable aircraft for your requirements. We offer part-charters, Golden Wings Aviation  and other commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, peak season and project CARGO.


We can provide pre-flight advice on packaging requirements, customs and warehousing, and supervise aircraft loading and unloading. We can also coordinate arrangements for specialist equipment, including CRANES and custom-built loading structures.



Handling Services:

Our close relationship with airport authorities and concerned departments at the airports ensures that your flights will be handled smoother and faster. We can arrange all facilities and equipment's as requested by you to ensure that our flights will receive best handling services with Golden Wings Aviation.

Aircraft handling and supervision – Refueling - Cargo: ground services are available to be provided with Golden Wings Aviation.


Flights permits:
Golden Wing Aviation offers services to airlines/ carriers to obtain following permits: Landing permits - Over flight permits.

With very close relationship with key persons at relevant authorities, GWA is able to assist customer to have Landing/ Overflight permits within the day. In fact, our customers usually have permits in hands in 4 hours or less.


Charter planes (passengers):
You can fly anywhere in South Sudan you want in your own time without the fear of missing flights. Golden Wings Aviation maximize the convenience for all customers


Other services:

Crew Hotel accommodation:

Let’s save your valuable time by using Golden Wings Aviation abilities in hotel reservation. Be sure that you will stay anywhere in most beautiful places in Juba with reasonable prices but very nice accommodation.

Crew transportation:

Our customers have chance to choose any mode of transportation during staying in Juba with comfortable vehicle And of course, price is competitive as always.

Visa arrangement:

Crew and passengers cannot obtain Visa to Juba arrival without Visa Approval Letter (Visa for citizens Sudan, Egypt, Russian, USA, Japanese, France, Denmark, and Swedish are exempted). But don not worry if now you are air born but visa still not in hands! Just send your request to Golden Wings Aviation, Visa Approval Letter will be arranged right at your destination. Welcome to Juba South Sudan!

Weather and NOTAM:
Golden Wings Aviation ensures that weather briefings and NOTAMs will be available for all flights before takeoff.

Government authorization:
Our esteemed clients may avoid congestion at the airports. You can choose multiple levels of services such as quick clearance, VIP clearance with very competitive prices. Let’s Golden Wings Aviation provide you with Customs, Immigration and Public Health services.


Contact us

Head Office:Mudiria -Airport RD-JTH,South Sudan

Tel: | +221 955 211 448 | +211 955 449


Call Centre

Juba   +211 954 393 465 | +211 956  578 888

Wau        | +211 914 55647 |  956 465 717 
Khartoum| +249 914 505 996 | +249 914 120 200

Palouch | +211 955 220 677  | 

Yambio | +211 955 220 668

Yaida | +211 955 223 011                                                      

Our Call Centre is open at the following times:

Monday-Friday – 7.30am-6.00pm
Saturday – 8.30am-5.00pm
Sunday – 9.00am-5.00pm

Outside of these hours, please